Misumena,  a Warwickshire based rock artist. Influenced by Nine Inch Nails , Guns n Roses, Smashing pumpkins and more, Misumena cleverly combine synths and guitars in emotionally charged music, bolstered by bold lyrics that are delivered by a powerful female vocal.  The vision is to revive an era of music in which songs are experienced and the listener is taken on a turbulent exploration that forms a love for the music that grows with every listen!

Misumena are currently working on their first album and are preparing to release their second single 'Killer' coming soon.


Debut Single


Why no Events?

Album in progress.....

Misumena have retreated back to the studio to work on producing their first album. 

TOUR DATES 2021 will be posted here first!!!

Check back soon for more info.

Behind the scenes

Misumena - Warwickshire based rock band combine synths and guitars in emotionally charged rock music led by a powerful female vocal. Bold lyrics and instrumental twists create a sound that is fresh yet nostalgically reminiscent of an era of guitar driven music.  Influenced by Nine Inch Nails, Guns n Roses and David Bowie to name a few.

After spending the last six months in the studio, Misumena prepare for the release of their debut single 'Could Have Written It Better'.