July 2021

On location

Filming for Nine Inch Nails project We're In This Together due for release in September 2021



Shielding under the creative blanket of the recording studio has been a pleasure this last year and Misumena emerge from the solitary darkness of the pandemic ready to make some noise!


Filming in progress

We're in this together

Misumena are currently shooting the visuals for NIN cover 'We're In This Together' in collaboration with visual producer and film maker Carl Shanahan.

We're In This Together.......This Friday at 9pm!




The last 18 months have been challenging for everyone and we feel incredibly lucky to have been able to continue to bring to life the brainchild of Gemma Morgan with Producer Tom gittins at monochrome studios. A huge thanks to those who have supported us in our socially distanced endevours to continue making music despite the challenges of the pandemic. Album track 'Oblige' is here as a taster with singles 'Cascade' and 'This Time' heading in to post production planning.

Misumena,  a Warwickshire based rock artist. Influenced by Nine Inch Nails , Guns n Roses, Smashing pumpkins and more, Misumena cleverly combine synths and guitars in emotionally charged music, bolstered by bold lyrics that are delivered by a powerful female vocal.  The vision is to revive an era of music in which songs are experienced and the listener is taken on a turbulent exploration that forms a love for the music that grows with every listen!

Misumena are currently working on their first studio album and are preparing to release their third single.

Behind the scenes

Misumena - Warwickshire based rock artists combine synths and guitars in emotionally charged rock music led by a powerful female vocal. Bold lyrics and instrumental twists create a sound that is fresh yet nostalgically reminiscent of an era of guitar driven music.  Influenced by Nine Inch Nails, Guns n Roses and Smashing Pumpkins.