September 2018

Monochrome Productions

Misumena collaborate on a track with producer Tom Gittins. Day spent recording guitars and editing drums, next session plan is to track and edit lead vocal.

October 2018

monochrome Productions

Lead vocal recorded and edited, all happy with final mix, Tom Mastering final mix of 'Could Have Written It Better' due for release early next year.

June - Dec 2018

Original studios

Misumena working on production of tracks Demons, Killer and We're In This Together with producer Alix Original. Bringing the tracks to life from the page over the space of 6 months and looking forward now to designing visual concepts for these and preparing for live performance.

Location Scouting

JANUARY - 2019  Design concepts for the first visual production for the debut single 'Could Have Written It Better' underway with a fantastic location nailed for the shoot.  Guys Cliffe House in Warwick will be the location setting for the video which promises to have a lasting impact! The band and producer Carl Shanahan, are thrilled to gain permission to film here and want to thank their friends at Guys Cliffe for making this possible! check out the 'behind the scenes' page for costume and set designs.

March 2019

Video shoot

Many fantastic hours spent at this unbelievable location creating the video for first single 'Could Have Written It Better', a huge thank you to the production team who have worked and continue to work so hard on this.

April 2019

Prep for live perfromance

Back in the studio with Alix preparing all samples, mixes etc ready to trigger during live performances starting in June.

May 2019

Its all about the merch

Misumena have spent days approving designs for T-shirts, Caps and more all available soon in our online store.

May 2019

Album art

All concept art is submitted to designers for work on the EP sleeve. EP will be available from our online store only following the release of the first single 'Could Have Written It Better'. EP wont be available for digital download or streaming play until August.

17th May 2019

Debut Single Released

Debut single 'Could Have Written it Better' is released across all major platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Apple music, Google play and more. The official music video is released on youtube.

We are looking forward to a rehearsal later this week for Tunnelfest on June 1st!

May 2019

Live - Rehearsals

Misumena working hard combining samples, click track and live instrumentation to bring the EP to the stage.